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Help us Fight for a Green New Deal for Public Schools

The NYC-DSA Ecosocialist Working Group is fighting, along with Congressman Jamaal Bowman and 50+ chapters across the country, for the Green New Deal for Public Schools which will invest $1.4 trillion over ten years for more union jobs, better infrastructure, and a healthy learning environment for every student—regardless of zip code. 

Public schools in New York City and across the nation are underfunded and segregated, and buildings are toxic and crumbling – 9 out of 10 children attend public schools; it’s time we worked to build the future that they deserve. We are organizing textbanks, tabling, and canvasses across the city and need your support to do so. 

Chip in to help fuel the growing coalition of DSA organizers, parents, students, educators, and building trades workers fighting for the green new schools of tomorrow. We need to raise funds to continue to print materials, pay for text and phone banks, and supply materials we need as we go out and canvas our communities. A donation of $10-$50 would go a long way in making this campaign feasible.