Power the fight for Public Power

We need a Green New Deal to overcome the historic climate and economic crises created by capitalism. 

But we can’t pass the GND with for-profit utilities like Con Ed and National Grid in charge.

With their power over our power, they extort New Yorkers with the country’s second highest rates, and turn our money against us by poisoning our communities and lobbying against renewables. Meanwhile, their crumbling infrastructure causes bigger and more disastrous blackouts every year.

Any Green New Deal with them will be nothing but the same old scam.

With Public Power, we take our power back. Our two bills will end corporate control in the same way Medicare For All ends for-profit healthcare, and create democratic institutions accountable to the people.

Public Power will make our energy system the engine to remake the state, by

  • Investing in making the grid resilient enough to stand up to extreme weather
  • Transitioning to 100% renewable energy in time to meet our planet’s needs
  • Funding a surge of union labor to do it: retrained fossil fuel workers, and newly trained BIPOC workers from communities hardest hit by the old polluting regime
  • Our bills work in two steps:
    1. The New York Build Public Renewables Act starts building the infrastructure, public health, climate, and jobs programs Public Power promises. 
    2. The New York Utility Democracy Act takes the for-profit corporate utilities, removes the CEOs and Wall Street, and makes them public utilities, owned and run by us. With NYUDA, New York will run on 100% Public Power.