It’s Time to Take Our Power Back


We only until June 10th to get our first Public Power bill passed. After shutting down Broadway, we’ve never been closer, but to make it happen we need the biggest turnout we can get at our upcoming rally in Yonkers, which is why Rep. Jamaal Bowman is joining us van der Donck Park at 1 PM, just a 30 minute ride from Grand Central Station via Metro North, for our most critical Public Power action, ever.

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New Yorkers pay the second highest utility bills in the nation. And what do we get?

Bigger blackouts every year

Millions of shutoff notices

Deadly fossil fuel pollution

Union busting


Because our energy system is owned by for-profit, corporate monopolies like Con Ed and National Grid, whose only goal is to squeeze as much money from New Yorkers as they can.


The New York Build Public Renewables Act and New York Utility Democracy Act will replace corporate control with Public Power: an energy system that will prioritize your well being because it’s controlled by your vote.

Public Power will rebuild New York’s:

  • trainInfrastructure – by investing in a modern electric grid that keeps the lights on
  • medical_services Public Health – by replacing the plants and pipelines that poison our air and lungs
  • local_floristClimate – by building cheaper, cleaner, 100% renewable energy for all New Yorkers
  • groupsEconomy – by creating a surge of permanent, good paying union jobs


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The Coalition

We are a proud member of the Public Power NY Coalition

The campaign Launch

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The Bills

We’ve introduced two bills:

The NY Build Public Renewables Act (NYBPRA – A1466A/S6453) will enable a public utility to build enough 100% renewable energy to power at least 75% of the state, and create at least 35,000 new jobs to do it.

The NY Utility Democracy Act (NYUDA) will ensure public ownership and democratic control over our energy system.

Read more about them in detail here.

The Stories

Public Power Hour: An Energy Justice Series