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We Won Build Public Renewables

After four years of ordinary New Yorkers fighting for an unapologetically ecosocialist vision of the future, the Build Public Renewables Act is now the law of the land.

Who We Are

We are the Ecosocialist Working Group of the New York City chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. In 2021, we stopped a multi-billion-dollar corporation from building a new fossil fuel plant in Astoria. In 2023, we passed what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called the “most ambitious pieces of climate legislation in [New York’s] history,” the Build Public Renewables Act. And we’re not done yet.

What is the Build Public Renewables Act?

The Build Public Renewables Act, or BPRA, is the biggest Green New Deal program in US history and empowers the publicly-owned New York Power Authority to build and own the renewable energy we need for a beautiful, livable future for all.

Healthier Communities

BPRA finally sets a timeline for phasing out many of the dirty smokestacks that blight Black and brown communities like the Bronx.

100% Renewable Energy

The bill unleashes the power of public funding to build 100% renewable energy, directly.

Lower Rates

BPRA automatically provides discounts to low and moderate income customers in disadvantaged communities.

Join the fight

We’ve beaten fossil fuel corporations and their paid-for politicians before, and we’ll do it again. Join us to be a part of a winning movement building the Green New Deal.