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Stop the Astoria NRG Plant

NRG is a multinational, multibillion dollar corporation that has spent decades polluting Astoria with a fossil fuel-burning peaker plant. So toxic they legally have to shut it down.

But instead of replacing it with renewables, they’re trying to build a new fossil fuel plant that uses fracked gas. If built, it will make NRG will make $45 million dollars a year from this plant. If built, it will lock Astoria into at least 20 more years of fossil fuel pollution, and an “Asthma Alley” that hospitalizes children for asthma for the disease at rates as high as five times the national average.

Governor Cuomo and his of Environmental Conservation (DEC) have the power to stop this dirty plant, and build renewable alternatives instead.

build the future queens deserves

To rid our lungs and air from toxic pollution for good, we must end corporate control of our energy system. We need Public Power: an energy system that will prioritize your well being because it’s controlled by your vote.

Public Power will rebuild New York’s:

  • trainInfrastructure – by investing in a modern electric grid that keeps the lights on
  • medical_servicesPublic Health – by replacing the plants and pipelines that poison our air and lungs
  • local_floristClimate – by building cheaper, cleaner, 100% renewable energy for all New Yorkers
  • groupsEconomy – by creating a surge of permanent, good paying union jobs